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Rumble on Clan Wars
Starts 2015-10-11 03:00:00
Think you have what it takes to prevail in PvP Rumble? Mayhem excluded! Prove it by getting the most points this week till reset and become legend! The Winner of the challenge will earn 1,000 points!
The current leaders are Destiny Esport League with 1,545 points

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Max 500
Solo the Daily Heroic (The Dreadnaught) as fast as you can on level 41
0 days, 21 hours, 9 minutes remain to complete
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ClanDestined – Small squad factional wars


EYE’s UP GUARDIAN! We can’t afford to nod off now when we are prepping for twice the action when Oryx arrives… The Taken King is coming.

We are weary and bickering among ourselves… no one spends what they earn in fear of losing everything… The seething darkness is suffocating… TEMPERS FLARE! ARGGGGGHHH! ENOUGH!!!!

Put your best Guardians forward then brother and SHOW ME YOUR METAL! Is it as big as your mouth….indeed we shall see. A BOUNTY OF $210 USD including # 6000 Marks is being offered for the best of the ClanDestined… only the elite shall survive! But only the Legendary will prosper.


destiny speed strikes sepiks prime

Speed Strikes are Now Live!


A new way to show your guardian’s skill is now active on DeSL. We are keeping a permanent record of the fastest times that our members have achieved on each strike. Check it out on our Speed Strike page.(Also available in the main menu under ‘Events’.)


You can see the best time for every strike, or, by clicking on a strike, see the fireteams involved in the fastest 3 recorded times. If you just did a strike really fast, visit the page to have us check your time against the previously recorded times for that strike. You may be making history!



#1 missing achievement from Bungie Day – Golden Chests

The most under completed task from the Bungie day achievement list: 20 Gold Loot Chests to be picked up in Destiny, Here they are as follows courtesy of Maka on Xbox aka Maka91 Reddit:

It should be noted that there was no specific achievement/trophy related to these chests until Bungie day 2015. Year 1 guardians were given an achievement list on their Bungie profile (triumphs) that lists the chest as 1 of the “must haves” to be able to receive an exclusive banner and sparrow on Sept 15 2015 only available to those who have completed all tasks by Sept 9th 2015 and who own both expansion sets 1 and 2.

Each chest contains an uncommon or rare item, with a level based on the area that it is picked up in, with Earth Chests providing the lowest level items, and Mars providing the highest level items.

Also, most of the chests can be picked up in the Patrol mission of each planet, unless it is a Strike only chest, as present for the last chest on Earth, Moon and Venus.


You’d think this guy would be the task missing from most lists… not so. Even the elite were caught off guard today when having gained all gold chests were a prerequisite for Bungie day gifts and the exclusive Yr1 Banner and Sparrow.

Earth: 5 Chest Video640px-Destiny_Earth_surface

1 – Restoration – The Steppes (to Dock 13)
2 – The Dark Within – Lunar Complex
3 – The Dark Within / The Warmind – Mothyards (to Forgotten Shore)
4 – The Warmind Forgotten Shore (to Terrestrial Complex)
5 – The Devil’s Lair – The Devil’s Lair

Moon: 5 Chest Video640px-Destiny_Moon_surface

1  – The Dark Beyond (Or Patrol) – Archer’s Line (to Hellmouth)
2  – The World’s Grave – Archer’s Line (to Hall of Wisdom)
3  – The World’s Grave – The World’s Grave
4 ] – Chamber of Night – Temple of Crota
5 ] – The Summoning Pits – The Summoning Pits

Venus: 5 Chest Video300px-Destiny_venus_surface

1 –  A Stranger’s Call – The Shattered Coast (to Ishtar Academy)
2 –  Ishtar Collective – Campus 9
3 – Scourge of Winter – Winter’s Lair
4 – Scourge of Winter – The Cinders
5 – The Nexus – N/Gen Branch

Mars: 5 Chest Video640px-Destiny_mars_surface

1 –  Exclusion Zone – The Barrens
2 –  Exclusion Zone – The Barrens (to The Hollows)
3 –  The Garden’s Spire – Iron Line
4 –  The Buried City – Dust Palace
5 –  A Rising Tide – Tharsis Station