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All Game Community Stream


We are looking for a variety of talent from the gaming community to contribute creative stream content on our 24/7 Destiny eSports HQ – All Game Community Stream. You can stream any game you like or anything you like that is game related. We are looking for more than just plain game streaming, we want talent that thinks outside the box like in game character talk back and player or personality interviewing, podcast encores/replays, cosplay fun, variety shows, esports coverage or commentaries, game news and reviews, special interest shows, live in game tuition and how to’s, live in game fanfiction, comedy skits, game advice and problem solving sessions, competitions, tournaments, promos and commercials or anything else you’d like to broadcast.

We want the most interesting original global contributions spread across their own varying peak times internationally with the in between time periods filled with programmed game specific streams from a mix of well known and part time streamers. The most entertaining Contributors and those without there own recently active stream will be offered profit share based on retained viewership and engagement with community.

Paid Streamers or those actively streaming on another channel will be offered blatant self promotion of their channels/content and opportunities to show their public support for a community service by bringing their audience to us for an extremely short time and expanding the channels viewer base and success.

The channel will do it’s own productions and highlight various other streams, players and podcasts on a regular basis. Any streamable game or content qualifies, contributors can apply by this form here.

Iron Banner Event

Iron Banner Event is here again and USD is up for grabs. For our members who aren’t so flush this month I am giving away $10 for the free entry event. $2.50 will get you into the running for $40 of prizes with 1st taking $25 in our elite series. Hope your ready and can catch our resident owner and Referee SRL_REFEREE-AUS and take him down! Event finishes at the close of the Iron Banner on Tuesday Reset. Winners will be paid via paypal.


SRL Events and Tournaments

Want to race your sparrow and win cash instead of just paying Bungie for in game items? Well for the last day of Bungie’s Limited time SRL event and beyond you can right here at the home of SRL and from the original creators of SRL – http://sparrowracingleague.com/ 

During the SRL last day celebrations we will be running lots of races, giving away lots of Prizes including cash payouts and The Taken King Collectors Edition loot for winners, twitch subscribers and viewers on Twitch on our channel and via our website. We will have numerous standard sit and go events over the day for anyone on PSN or our site, a Twitch subscribers Jackpot Main Event Tournament and several subscriber and/or viewers lucky dip raffles.

After the Bungie “Limited time event” for SRL racing will continue here utilizing DESL’s own 6 tracks on Venus for 5 players and 4 tracks on Mars and Earth for Head to Head and Sudden Death Tie Breaks in both free play (no prize money) and pay to play (win prize money!) modes while demand exists.

Racers will need to sign up to the DESL website and purchase marks from the side bar via PayPal to compete. Cash Prize Payouts are instantly made to winners via Paypal in USD after race.  Event types, event scoring and entry instructions are on the SRL page.